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Famous Filipino Scientists and Inventors

Jose Cruz

Jose Cruz was born on September 17, 1932. He was elected as Academician (Corresponding Member) in 2003. He finished B.S. Electrical Engineering at the University of the Philippines in 1953, M.S. Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956 and Ph. D. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1959. In appreciation of his scientific and technological contributions to electrical engineering through the progress of several methods for the understanding study of dynamic systems with respect to parameters variations; founding of the idea comparison sensitivity matrix that captures the result of feedback on shifting the influence of parameter distinction on system output errors in multi-variable feedback system; and the preservation of system optimality for a range parameter standards even when the feedback control structure is set.

Emerita de Guzman

Dr. Emerita de Guzman elected as Academician in 1980 gave an excellent contribution in her series of job on the enlargement and progress in vitro of the makapuno coconut embryo. As an outcome of this, she has transformed the old ratio of the makapuno-bearing nuts in the tropics. Dr. de Guzman produced 100 percent all makapuno-bearing in the raceme on which before produce only 3-5 makapuno nuts in every raceme bearing 14-19 nuts.

Ceferino Follosco

Academician Ceferino L. Follosco was born on February 3, 1931. He was known as Ph. D. (honoris causa) Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural Engineering. Follosco was known for his excellent works and undertakings in the field of engineering (agricultural mechanization and automotive), technology modernization, public sector domination embracing a wild field of creative approaches in re engineering and bureaucracy, formulating and implementing laws and programs for small and medium enterprises and S&T administration, with technology transfer, R&D, Engineering and Science Education, Institutional Building.

Francisco Fronda

Dr. Francisco Fronda committed more than 6 decades of his life to teaching, research and additional services elected as Academician in 1979. He contributed hugely to the expansion of poultry industry not only in the Philippines but in Asia region as well. In recognition of his original contributions, the Philippine Association of Animal Science in 1980; cited him as the Father of Poultry Science in the Philippines and Father of Thai Poultry Industry honor presented by Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess of Thailand in 1982.

Angel L. Lazaro III

Dr. Angel L. Lazaro III is a registered Civil Engineer and Environmental Planner born on August 23, 1943. He is the receiver of Certificates of Recognition as Structural Engineer and Civil Engineering Educator from the Board of Civil Engineering. He was also acknowledged as the Most Outstanding Civil Engineer Award from the Professional Regulation Commission in 1994, and the Professional Award in Engineering from the UP Alumni Engineering Association in 1989. Dr. Lazaro has more than 35 years practice in different civil engineering projects including buildings, highways, bridges, water systems, port works and industrial estates.

Juan Salcedo, Jr

Dr. Juan Salcedo contributed immeasurably to the areas of biochemistry, nutrition, and physiology as a scientist. He has published 265 works and studies in the Philippine and foreign science journals. And as science administrator, he helps execute science policy improvement, science endorsement and scientific manpower improvement.

Gregorio Velasquez

Dr. Velasquez is a pioneer in Philippine physiology. He was elected as Academician on 1978 and conferred as National Scientist on 1982. He made the original intensive study of the local Myxophyceae or the blue green algae and dedicates at least 30 years of fruitful work in the study of Philippine algae from which he acknowledged local and international credit.

Benito Vergara

Born on June 23, 1934, National Scientist Vergara obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of the Philippines, his master's degree from University of Hawaii, and his doctoral degree from the University of Chicago majoring in Plant Sciences. He was elected as Academician on 1987.

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