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Famous Filipino Scientists and Inventors

Teodulo M. Topacio, Jr.

Teodulo Topacio, Jr. was recognized because of his noteworthy unique contributions to information in the area of leptospiral disease of domesticated animals, which may provide as the foundation for the institutional control measures for these ailments. He was born on November 30, 1924.

Joventino D. Soriano

Dr. JD Soriano is a Geneticist recognized for his studies on Plant Cytogenetics and Mutations Research most of which found publication in international journals such as the Scientific American. By using radiations and chemical mutagens, Dr. Soriano contributed much to the eludication of the Mutation Process.

Perla D. Santos-Ocampo

Perla Santos-Ocampo was born on July 25, 1931. Her work in diarrheal diseases provides a lot in the elucidation of etiologic factors and arrangement of control measures that reinforced worldwide commendations in oral re-hydration and nutritional administration.

Alfredo V. Lagmay

Dr. Alfredo Lagmay was born on August 14, 1919. He practiced a lot of research linking to investigation scrutiny of behavior revision, recreation and associated states, and Hypnosis.

Quintin L. Kintanar

Dr. Kintanar, born on August 12, 1937, has renowned himself in the area of pharmacology and environmental science. Dr. Kintanar scrutinizes the mechanism of fatty liver and Hypolipedemia induced by erotic acid thus supporting in the explanation of the molecular mechanisms of lipo protein biosynthesized. In the course of his original researches it advanced the frontiers of knowledge in his fields.

Carmen Li. Intengan

Dr. Carmen Li. Intengan, born on April 7, 1915, served as the director of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute from 1974-1980. She has contributed to the promotion of nutrition in the country as a researcher and science administrator.

Andrew Gonzalez

Andrew Gonzales was born on February 29, 1940. He was acknowledgment because of his outstanding deeds and achievement in the area of linguistics: his research on language acquisition of Filipino and of English by Filipino children and his study on language and intellectuality of Filipino as a language of intellectual discourse.

Edito G. Garcia

Dr. Edito Garcia, born on September 16, 1921, a Professor of Parasitology at the UP Institute of Public Health, has done research in the areas of immunology and parasitic infections. Dr. Garcia has been conducting studies on the immunology of Schistosomiasis Japonica particularly on the improvement of vaccines since 1979. A hypothesis has been formed which enabled Dr. Garcia and his associates to discover an immunologic mechanism which leads to granulocytic modulation and consequently disease abatement in schistosomiasis. To date 18 scientific papers on the advancement of this study have been published in foreign journals and a vaccine against infection is being formulated.

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