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Famous Filipino Biologists and Chemists

Bienvenido O. Juliano

Dr. Juliano studies concern properties of starch and protein and other grain superiority of rice. For example, he showed that any lose content of starch is the key determinant of eating quality of milled rice in Asia and extremely negatively connected with stickiness of cooked rice.

Edgardo Gomez

Dr. Gomez acknowledged because of his exceptional research triumphs on marine ecosystems that serve as foundation for the supervision and the protection programs for the country's marine possessions. He was born on November 7, 1938.

Lourdes J. Cruz

Dr. Lourdes Cruz researches led in part to the biochemical classification of more than 50 biologically dynamic peptides from Conus venom, and the improvement of conotoxins as biochemical probes for testing the behavior of the brain. W-Conotoxin is now one of the most extensively used apparatus for studying neuronal calcium channels, and u-conotoxin is the reagent of option in neuroscience when muscular movement must be prohibited to inspect actions at the synapse.

Clara Y. Lim-Sylianco

Dr. Clara Lim-Sylianco was known on her works on mutagens, anti mutagens, and bioorganic mechanisms. She also authored schoolbooks that are still makes use in schools nowadays.

Francisco Quisumbing

Francisco Quisumbing is a Filipino chemist who finished studies from the University of Chicago as American-sponsored pension ado. Following WWII, he tried to systematize the Philippine Ink Corporation under the Japanese Reparations Program, but was upset by what he labeled as too much administration involvement in private venture.

Luz Oliveros-Belardo

Luz Belardo uses up five decades of her life researching on the chemistry of natural products and essential oils from Philippine plants. She has haul out new Philippine essential oils and considered their chemical and physical assets. Outcome of her effort establish application in the formation of new flavors and in herbal drugs.

Julian A. Banzon

Julian Banzon is known for his cleverness and creativity. This Filipino scientist declared that coconut could be a renewable resource of chemicals and fuel. He makes use of local equipments in approximately all his researches.

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