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Filipino Agriculturists

Faustino T. Orillo

Dr. Faustino Orillo was renowned because of his excellent contributions to Philippine agriculture. He was born on February 16, 1921. Dr. Orillo's researches in plant pathology helped pave the way to minimize losses suffered by crop producers attributable to plant diseases. Remarkable of his systematic publications are on the blight affecting kenaf, coffee rust, and leaf spot of Maize because of Helminthosporium maydis.

Ricardo M. Lantican

Dr. Ricardo Lantingan was famous on his research on cytoplasmic inheritance of hypersensitivity to an illness in maize, a finding that has formed awareness along with biologists of the significance of genetic variety as a weapon against environmental hardships.

Emil Q. Javier

Emil Javier is a famous scientist with his capacity to envision and put into action practical approaches to the troubles that tropical agriculture face in a developing country. He is alert of the small farmer's inadequate income; he has always directed his studies toward develop useful methods of better crop production, using inexpensive, indigenous inputs. Based on his research of introducing legume into local Imperatapastures with minimum or no tillage. In 1972, a national pasture expansion program was launched, premised on the minimum or no tillage firm of adapted legumes on native pastures with appliance of phosphorus.

Rafael Guerrero

He was recognized because of his scientific and technical contributions to the growth of Sex Reversal and Hatchery Techniques that help the commercial fabrication of high yielding market-size tilapia in the Philippines and other nations.

Salcedo L. Eduardo

Dr. Salcedo Eduardo was renowned because of his excellent researches on parasites of livestocks populace with stress on the basic aspects of Helminthology. His workings extensively contributed in the undertaking of sound control procedures in preservation, public health and agriculture administration.

Leopoldo Castillo

A known scientist, educator and administrator, Dr. Leopoldo Castillo was born on November 15, 1921. He has contributed essential research information in the development of the livestock and poultry industries in animal nourishment and supervision.

Gelia Castillo

Dr. Gelia Castillo was a great rural sociologist and renowned internationally. Her books are major and authoritative works on Philippine Agricultural and Rural Development. Her manuscript All in a Grain of Rice is the first book written by a Filipino farmer's reply to fresh technology. Beyond Manila, another book of her has been cited as an in-depth and systematic study of the real problems and needs of the rural areas relative to countryside improvement. The sum of Dr. Castillo's research undertakings has provides us much required insights on our own rural progress; endeavor to reach the farmer and the unfortunate.

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