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Pelleting Machine for Goat Food

Dr. Armando Espino of Central Luzon State University (CLSU) has developed a machine that can make goat feeds into pellets.

The said machine is expected to help out ensure the continuous availability of high-protein, low-cost feeds of goats by using the surplus during the wet months as material for pelleted total mixed ration (TMR).

Dr. Espino designed and fabricated the gadget to ensure a year-round feed supply for goats. The pelleted TRM is a mixture of napier, ipil-ipil, rice bran, copra meal, molasses, discaphos, ranzoni, and salt, a complete nutrient food for goats. With it, goats are guaranteed to have better food efficiency and greater starch digestibility.

Top 10 Outstanding Policewomen

Last Wednesday, President Gloria Arroyo led the awarding of the Outstanding Policewomen of the Philippines (TOPWP) in Malacañang. The president was joined by Jesus Verzosa, the PNP Director General, and in honouring the outstanding policewomen. Verzosa praised the awardees for their dedication and commitment to duty. He also thanked the organizers of the event for the constant success of the program for 8 years. DILG Secretary Ronald Puno and former police chief, Avelino Razon Jr. chaired the 2009 TOPWP Board of Judges.

The Famous Caves of Bulacan

Tourists who want to explore in some places for summer get away may visit Bulacan and walk into its famous visiting sites like Paniki Cave, Aguinaldo Cave, and the over 100 caves of Biak-Na-Bato. Biak-Na-Bato was built more than 100 years ago. Visitors who desire to view the beauty of Biak-Na-Bato caves will experience ecological, historical and cultural tour.

National Invention Contest

In the 2009 National Invention Contest awarding ceremonies, Polangui Campus University of Bicol got the Most Outstanding invention (Tuklas Award) and the WIPO Gold Medal and Certificate Award for their multi- purpose processing machine.

The research team, which is composed of  received Engr. Arnulfo Malinis, Engr. Eleanor Balute, Engr. Estrella Calpe and Engr. Herminigildo Lizano, the plaque, medal and certificate, the team took home P150, 000 as cash prize.

The team explained that their project could deal with the need for appropriate postharvest processing facilities for agricultural products in the countryside to enable farmers to add value to their produce so they can sell these products at higher prices.

New Stem Cell Therapy to Save Cancer Patients

As revealed by the successful treatment at the Lung Center of the Philippines of a patient suffering from colon cancer, the new Stem cell therapy can now be considered to save cancer patients.

Stem cell therapy is an innovative approach to enhance the immune system, which may be able to help in fighting cancer cells. It is a form of active cell transplantation that is intended to reinforce or re-educate the immune cells to seek and destroy cancer cells in the body with virtually no adverse effect on the patient.

Filipino Inventors Exhibit

To help recognize and support the ingenuity and creativity of Filipino inventors, DOST (Department of Science and Technology) is inviting participants to the 2010 Visayas Island Convention Contests and Exhibits (VIICE).

The event will be on August 12-14 in Iloilo City which will hosted by DOST Region 6, leaded by Dir. Rowen Gelonga, and with cooperation with Regions 7 and 8 and the Technology Application and Promotion Institute as convenors and participants.

All-In-One Shredder to Boost Organic Fertilizer

Arthur A. Benedicto, an awarded inventor of DOST (Department of Science and Technology) from Compostela Valley, has recently designed his all-in-one shredder.

This mobile machine potentially boosts production of organic fertilizer and recycling of biodegradable and organic materials for individual livelihood purpose.

The shredder can shred organic materials from kitchen refuse, banana stalks and fruit peeling, rice straws to inorganic ones like plastic and cellophanes.

Garments made from water hyacinth, saluyot and maguey now in the catwalk

Saluyot, water hyacinth and maguey are now used as alternative textile material because of their natural fiber source.

Saluyot is known as a healthful vegetable commonly cooked with bamboo shoots. It is also known as jute leaves and called famine food by Africans because it is a vegetable that gives remedy during food crisis. Water hyacinth grows in the country’s freshwater bodies. Because of its abundance, the plant is considered as a weed that may clog water stream and kills aquatic life. Maguey grows wild in northern Luzon, Cebu and Panay. It is used in cordage, ropes, twines, carpets, wall coverings, crafts and handmade paper.

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