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Aurora Aragon Quezon

February 19 is the celebration of the 122nd Birth Anniversary of Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon. With this, we will honor a model Filipina and will let the Filipino youth be aware of the great role she played in shaping the history of the Filipino people.

Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon, was born in Baler, Tayabas Province (now Quezon Province), on February 19, 1888. She was the only Filipina honoured by her countrymen. She was given a lifetime pension by the Philippine Congress but she refuse to accept it. She knew that there were so many war widows and orphans suffering at that time.

Valuing Filipino Inventors

Filipino scientists have been reaping honors and awards for their inventions and discoveries locally and even internationally.

Some of these inventions are made up of technologically advanced gadgets and innovations which can effectively fight global warming.

And to give value with these inventors, here are some of them who continuously give fame for the country.

Organiculture from Eliseo Ruiz

Thirty years had passed when Eliseo Ruiz, the multi-awarded inventor presented his Organiculture invention with zeal to government officials. His objective is to contribute to the campaign of restoring rice lands. The government only endorsed him for organic farming no real plan was raised. At present, his Organiculture, was used in making organic fertilizer and now promoted in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and the Middle East and soon in United States, India, Brunei, Mexico, Canada and Africa. In addition, this year an organiculture production plant in the People's Republic of China (PROC) will be launched in partnership with a Chinese businessman and a provincial government.

Young Filipino inventors won in international invention exhibition

The 2012 International Youth Invention Exhibition (IYIE)  in Far East University, Tainan, Taiwan last February 11 to 13 brought two gold medals, one bronze and one special award to the high school proponents of  Tondo High School. The awardees are Maria Angelyn Enriquez, Jan Mikka Devis, Gemvhie Kate Paula Lee for the project "Low Temperature Melting Glasses for Fashion Accessories from Rice Hulls and Oyster Shells."

Young Filipino Scientists Bag Awards

Four young Filipino students bag awards at 2009 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Among these students are: Angeli Joyce Yap-Dy, 14, of Capiz National High School; Jovani Tomale, 16, of Davao City National High School; and the team of Kevin Jer David, 16, and Orven Jules Dumaoang, 16, of the Philippine Science High School Diliman Campus.

The said students were selected from a field of 1,563 young scientists from 56 countries for exhibiting a true commitment to science and technology innovation.

Teodulo Topacio Awarded as National Scientist

Because of his contribution in providing information about leptospiral disease, President Arroyo conferred the rank and title of national scientist to Dr. Teodulo Masangao Topacio Jr.

The conferment was made under Proclamation No. 1762 and was made based on the recommendation of the national Academy of Science and Technology.

Filipino American Actors and Actresses
The following are the 10 best Filipino American actors and actresses who have shown their talents in all types of films and theater:
Enkindle: Lessens fuel costs

The new additive to vehicle fuel. This will cut down the fuel consumption and will prevent smoke belching which will extend the engine's life. This became possible thru the effort of Filipino inventor, Ramon Posadas. His invention is "The Enkindle". Enkindle will save and will repair the power like it had been overhauled.

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