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Biologist Baldomero Olivera Back to Philippines

With the opening of the 2009 National Science and Technology Week at the Manila Hotel, Balik- Scientist awardee Dr. Baldomero Olivera serves as the key note speaker of the said event.

Olivera, a distinguished professor of biology at the University of Utah, first gained fame for his discovery of painkilling properties in the highly toxic, ocean-going cone snails that are abundant in Philippine waters.

Olivera's discovery led to the development of a commercial painkiller called Ziconotide (Prialt), which is administered to patients suffering from extreme pain. Unlike traditional painkiller morphine, Ziconotide is not known to cause painkiller addiction and lasts much longer in the system.

Filipino Innovations in Indonesia

Alexis Belonio, 49 year old, invented a stove powered by rice husk, whose leftover used as a fertilizer or a raw material for fibber cement boards.

Belonio received the associate laureate citation of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 2008. He is the first Filipino to get the citation from the luxurious wristwatch brand which annually honors outstanding projects for the poor around the world.

Giant Mosaic for the Legandary Mom of Tarlac

As of mother's day celebration and as a tribute to the legendary mom of Tarlac, a 22-by-40-foot mosaic portrait of Cory Aquino, printed on a tarpaulin, was unveiled at the atrium of SM City Tarlac.

Electric Car Inventor

Ismael Aviso a.k.a. "Ka Maeng", a 54 year old Filipino electric car inventor. He used to spend his Christmas wiggling his thumbs inside his home in Navotas City. A month ago he had completed his invention to produce crude that will run his vehicle. Seven years had passed. Aviso has the ability to create a car engine that runs through electricity and not petroleum. But it seems that there is no support coming from the government. Aviso already sent an email to the DoE (Department of Energy).

Rescue Boat Inventor

Filipino inventors of rescue boat barely showed interest in acquiring their work for several reasons.

Mariano Griño, now 62 and one of rescue boat inventors, said that he cannot produce without orders due to lack of enough capital.

Griño is the retired as division chief at the National Economic and Development Authority in Western Visayas. He is a reservist of the Regional Community Defense Center.

Because of his experience he has in producing rubber boats, he built a prototype boat in the backyard of his house in Jaro District in Iloilo City, utilizing imported and locally made materials.

Whiz Kids Baby Steps for RP's First Nobel Prize

After winning of the six students from Philippine Science High School (PSHS), in the Science Olympiad in South Korea last month, it is said that this may be the first step of the country for Philippine’s first Nobel Prize.

The six students won six medals at a prestigious Science Tournament in South Korea, proving that Filipinos can go toe-to-toe with the best in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The senior and juniors from the state-run PSHS brought home three silver and three bronze medals from the 5th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in Changwon City on December 6-15.

Pinoy Inventor Wins Rolex Award

Alexis Belonio, associate professor of Agricultural Engineering at the Central Philippine University in Iloilo City, has received the 2008 Rolex Award for Enterprise for developing a new technology that transforms the waste from rice production into clean, affordable cooking fuel. He was presented with $50, 000 and received a Rolex Award.

In Belonio's design, a stream of oxygen converts the burning rice husk fuel to a combustible blend of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane gases, yielding a hot, blue flame similar to that produced by burning natural gas.

DoST sponsored a training for mango growers of Siquijor

Last May 17-19, the Region 7 office of the Department of Science and Technology (DoST) through its provincial office sponsored three-day training on mango processing and packaging the Mango Processing House here. The goal of the training is to help and assist mango growers of Siquijor.

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