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Gregorio Y. Zara

Dr. Gregorio Zara was a famous inventor because of his two-way television telephone. He also made the Zara Effect or the electrical kinetic resistance.

Teodoro Agoncillo

Agoncillo wrote abundant books and papers about Philippine History. To name a number of his famous works are History of the Filipino People; The Crisis of the Republic; The Revolt of the Masses; The Story of Bonifacio and the Katipunan; Ang Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas; and the Malolos, Philippine History (adopted as official textbook in Philippine History).

Julian A. Banzon

Julian Banzon is known for his cleverness and creativity. This Filipino scientist declared that coconut could be a renewable resource of chemicals and fuel. He makes use of local equipments in approximately all his researches.

Geminiano T. de Ocampo

Dr. Geminiano de Ocampo pioneered corneal transplantation in the Philippines. He also designed a corneal dissector. Aside from these accomplishments, he also put up the De Ocampo Eye Hospital, the primary eye hospital in the Philippines.

Fe del Mundo

Dr. del Mundo gave her all for the foundation of pediatrics in the nation. She was the essence of a mother in all her workings.

Casimiro del Rosario

Dr. Casimiro del Rosario was honored with the Presidential Award in 1965 for his excellent works in physics, meteorology and astronomy. But he became more well-known because of his workings on soft x-rays.

Pedro Escuro

Dr. Pedro Escuro leads the improvement, segregation, and release of nine Seed Board rice selections. He was renowned by developing rice breeding in the country.

Hilario D. G. Lara

Dr. Lara structured the Institute of Public Health at the University of the Philippines. He also helped set up the National Research Council of the Philippines.

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