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Filomena F. Campos

Dr. Filomena Campos, born on March 30, 1930 was renowned for her contributions to cotton research in the Philippines. This study leads to the improvement of a package of expertise on cotton fabrication achieved in somewhat short period of three years.

Paulo C. Campos

Dr. Paulo Campos, a health scientist was born on July 27, 1921,he was distinguished for his effort on Nuclear medicine. Dr. Campos authored/co-authored 75 scientific journal a few of which were awarding. His researches include The Genetic Factor in Endemic Goiter won First Prizes in Research Award; Cr-51 Tagged Red Cell Studies and the Observation on some Parameter of Insulin Action.

Ledivina V. Carino

Dr. Carino was born on April 22, 1942. She was acknowledged of her excellent works and achievement in the fields of Public Administration, Political Science and Sociology. In which it extent a variety of issues and approaches in improvement, from local sovereignty to national supremacy, from participatory growth models and approaches to a focus on the elite, and from bureaucratic fraud to the imperatives of the civil service.

Magdalena C. Cantoria

With pharmacy and botany as backdrop, Dr. Cantoria was born on October 25, 1924. She has made basic researches on the pharmacognosy of agaar, rauwolfia, datura, mint and Piper Species. Her researches deal mainly on the morphology, physiology and biochemistry of drug plants.

Gelia Castillo

Dr. Gelia Castillo was a great rural sociologist and renowned internationally. Her books are major and authoritative works on Philippine Agricultural and Rural Development. Her manuscript All in a Grain of Rice is the first book written by a Filipino farmer's reply to fresh technology. Beyond Manila, another book of her has been cited as an in-depth and systematic study of the real problems and needs of the rural areas relative to countryside improvement. The sum of Dr. Castillo's research undertakings has provides us much required insights on our own rural progress; endeavor to reach the farmer and the unfortunate.

Leopoldo Castillo

A known scientist, educator and administrator, Dr. Leopoldo Castillo was born on November 15, 1921. He has contributed essential research information in the development of the livestock and poultry industries in animal nourishment and supervision.

Veronica F. Chan

Veronica Chan who was born on March 24, 1933 was recognize because of her pioneering and great scientific accomplishments in Virology and Immunology. Being one of the Earliest pioneers in Philippine virology and immunology, she munificently opens her storehouse of cognition to all. Her research includes the fresh knowledge that has been implement in medical practice, and for global status as scientist, sharing her expertness with the World Health Organization and the health institutions of the countries. Chan bountiful efforts have brought improvements in policy, administration of severe cases of viral infections as well as their prevention and manipulation.

Mercedes B. Concepcion

Mercedes Concepcion was recognized for her contributions in the field of population research and policy, were born on June 10, 1928. She pioneered the research and continuing work on Philippine as well as the Southeast Asian Demographic processes is acknowledged globally. She studied the population growth in the Philippines which has been an important input in the improvement, monitoring and evaluation of the national population policy and program.

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