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Rafael Guerrero

He was recognized because of his scientific and technical contributions to the growth of Sex Reversal and Hatchery Techniques that help the commercial fabrication of high yielding market-size tilapia in the Philippines and other nations.

Andrew Gonzalez

Andrew Gonzales was born on February 29, 1940. He was acknowledgment because of his outstanding deeds and achievement in the area of linguistics: his research on language acquisition of Filipino and of English by Filipino children and his study on language and intellectuality of Filipino as a language of intellectual discourse.

Carmen Li. Intengan

Dr. Carmen Li. Intengan, born on April 7, 1915, served as the director of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute from 1974-1980. She has contributed to the promotion of nutrition in the country as a researcher and science administrator.

Emil Q. Javier

Emil Javier is a famous scientist with his capacity to envision and put into action practical approaches to the troubles that tropical agriculture face in a developing country. He is alert of the small farmer's inadequate income; he has always directed his studies toward develop useful methods of better crop production, using inexpensive, indigenous inputs. Based on his research of introducing legume into local Imperatapastures with minimum or no tillage. In 1972, a national pasture expansion program was launched, premised on the minimum or no tillage firm of adapted legumes on native pastures with appliance of phosphorus.

Bienvenido O. Juliano

Dr. Juliano studies concern properties of starch and protein and other grain superiority of rice. For example, he showed that any lose content of starch is the key determinant of eating quality of milled rice in Asia and extremely negatively connected with stickiness of cooked rice.

Jose O. Juliano

Dr. Jose Juliano, born on October 16, 1932 is famous for researches in nuclear chemistry and physics. In 1959, he was one of the receivers of the TONYM award for his involvement in Nuclear Science. He is also an affiliate of the American Nuclear Society, American Physical Society and the American Chemical Society.

Quintin L. Kintanar

Dr. Kintanar, born on August 12, 1937, has renowned himself in the area of pharmacology and environmental science. Dr. Kintanar scrutinizes the mechanism of fatty liver and Hypolipedemia induced by erotic acid thus supporting in the explanation of the molecular mechanisms of lipo protein biosynthesized. In the course of his original researches it advanced the frontiers of knowledge in his fields.

Leron, Leron Sinta
Leron, leron, sinta, Buko ng papaya, Dala dala'y buslo Sisidlan ng sinta; Pagdating sa dulo'y Nabali ang sanga, Kapos kapalaran Humanap ng iba.
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