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OPM is not dead

Is OPM still alive? This is the question of some Filipinos who now preferred to listen to Korean and western music. Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda explained that Pinoy music scene is now on its higher level. "We totally laugh at it. They have no idea how big it is now," Miranda said. Songwriters of today are more creative and passionate than those of the nineties. Miranda iterated that band performers nowadays cannot just be seen on tv, they perform in bars, resto or even in the open air places. Most bands perform every week or twice a week for 20,000 to 40,000 audiences.

Ely Buendia's Oktaves Band

Ely Buendia, one of the most influential artists of this generation became well-known in legendary, Eraserheads. Then he also introduced Pupil as his band.

Now, Ely led Oktaves, the newest Filipino rock super group. The band was formally formed almost a year ago when they first performed onstage as "Oktaves" in the inaugural Esquire (magazine) ball.

Mike Tan's Summit

He is the starstruck who won the Model Star award at the Asian Supermodel Festival in Korea. Mike Tan, a hobbyist who loves badminton, running, boxing and basketball and a GMA 7 actor, recently inclined in mountain hiking. He was challenge to climb Pantingan Peak in Bagac, Bataan. Mike and his team tried an unexplored trail and got lost. They have experienced rappelling 40 feet up a rock formation without proper equipment which tested their faith and mental endurance.

Marcus Adoro's Greems

Do you still remember Marcus Adoro?  He is a good friend of Ely Buendia and a former guitarist of E-heads. Now, he is back with his book, Greems. In spite of  Eheads'  disband,  Adoro silently continued his music playing underground songs.

Storyteller-singer: Johnoy Danao

The voice of Johnoy Danao is echoing as he keeps his title as the best-kept secret of Philippine music. His voice is cool, raw and brutally, breathlessly graceful in its classification of situational context. He is one of the storyteller-singers. He enjoyed the story like what he did in the love songs Alinlangan and Pagbigyan.

Bruno Mars' Album turned to Gold Status

"I'm proud to be a Filipino", Grammy Award Winner Bruno Mars declared in a recent "Doo-Wops & Hooligans" tour in Cebu and Manila. He sang and promoted his newest single The Lazy Song. His album Doo Wops and Hooligans attained the Gold status in just three months with over 7,500 units in sales and counting.

"Bloomfields" Takes a Notch through Its New Launch Album

"Bloomfields" have taken a notch through the launching of its latest album Hit the Ground Running.

The band, which is composed of Louie Poco (bass and vocals), Rocky Collado (drums and vocals), Lakan Hila (lead guitar and vocals), and Dino Pascual (rhythm guitars and vocals), proved that they are not just sophisticates as they released their second album last April 16 at SM.

Sapang Bato Kids

Allan Pineda, Black Eyed Peas' apl.de.ap, is currently preparing a music video for a fund-raising campaign that will contribute education for poor Filipino children. "People Power" is the title of the song that will be featured in the video wherein children from his hometown or the "Sapang Bato kids" will appear in the video.

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