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Rico B. Still a Big Fan of Eraserheads

The former Rivermaya front man, Rico Blanco recently told the entertainment media that "he's still the number one Eraserheads fan."

Rico said that he is a mere fan of the defunct Eraserheads which Buendia led back in the 90s in a night at Capones in Makati where he promoted his newest single "Ayuz Na."

When asked if he is kind of monitoring Buendia's progress as a tunesmith to somewhat measure his own output’s growth, he pointed out, that it's not like that in music (referring to the unspoken competition). He is just doing his own stuff and be happy with it. The two are no doubt the most prolific and successful rock songwriters of the current generation, having propelled their respective former groups to iconic status.

"Sweetmojo" Enters

Sweetmojo is now in town with their unique style in music which is ruling the airwaves lately.

The Filipino-Australian Band is described as a sweet mix of acoustic soul, RnB, reggae & alternative.

The band is now in town as they launched their 13-track, self-titled record last December 4 at Route 196 along Katipunan. They have been in town since November 20 actually, and have gone to Bicol and Paracale to spread their music and their album’s message, which they describe as "a fusion of emotions-love, pain, dilemma and struggles."

Parang Si Ely Buendia - Soapdish

A band formed in Fairview, QC, Soapdish landed a breakthrough contract with Viva releases its new album "Goodluck.. Goodbye," which is inspired from Ely Buedia's magic.

One of the songs is entitled “Parang Si Ely Buendia,” inspired by someone's obsession for the former Eraserheads frontman or to be more precise the defined image he created for rockstar wannabes.

Jeff Bolivar, vocalist of the band, said that the said song is the catchiest piece in the 12-track venture from Viva Records. One can simply realize that it has all the trappings of an Eraserheads single - catchy, easy, and distinctively OPM.

RP's Birit Champion and their Hottest Albums

"Birit" Champions of the Philippines are now joining the race making their bid at the charts.

Some of these Pinoy divas are Jaya, Nina and Sitti and there are still newcomers who are also doing the US bit.

The first Birit Champion is Jay with her her husky, distinctive tones singing well-loved oldies. The Soul Diva did make her mark with originals like Laging Naroon Ka and Dahil Tanging Ikaw, but times have changed. This time the Soul Diva tries to have favorite foreign songs in her style. Jaya’s is a unique one bred in the US and it is always such a treat to hear Real Love Stories is not Jaya’s first cover collection. She did Cool Change two years ago. Like that one, this is also a varied lot with some R&B, some rock and a lot of pop. First single out is the late Kenny Rankin’s Hiding Inside Myself, a very nice choice. Other songs from the album are After All, All Of My Life, Anyone Can See, Breathe Again, Finding Out The Hard Way, I Just Can’t Let Go, I Will Survive, I Won’t Last A Day Without You, Maybe This Time, Real Love, Save The Best For Last and You On My Mind.

Pinoy Big Brother Double Lovers

On Saturday, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Double Up unlocked its door to new sets of housemates who are double lovers.

In a pre-Halloween party, Kuya welcomed Filipino Austrian Rod Stumvol, champion target shooter Steve Jumalon, banker Patrick Villanueva, medical representative Riza Mae Patria, restaurant server Johan Santos, nurse Cathy Remperas, US balikbayan Hermes Bautista, Jimson Ortega and his Spain-raised wife Kathleen Lopeña, and transvestite Rica Paras.

After they got in , Kuya asked them to proceed at confession room to give their first task.

Rod and Rica must convince the other housemates that they have been dating for a long time. For the meantime, Jimson must give way and let his wife Kathleen pretend to be Patrick’s better half.

Marian Rivera as Darna

Through GMA 7, DARNA will fly again to be palyed by the most bankable female star, Marian Rivera

As the month of August nears, the most-awaited return of the original Pinoy superhero Darna is coming soon.

Darna was the brainchild of komiks (Filipino colloquial for comicbooks) legend Mars Ravelo (October 9, 1916-September 12, 1988).

Inspiring Lines from the Mega Star

You want to know the secrets behind the success of the Mega Star’s showbiz career and the good family ties? It’s always a refreshing experience to listen to her with her quotable thoughts.

Check out these ten Mega insights from Sharon Cuneta.

Angelica and Derek as One of Most Beautiful Couples

As YES! Magazine featured Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay as one of showbiz's beautiful couples in its special YES! Most Beautiful issue, Angelica reveals that it is actually Derek's disposition that has kept her hooked for three years.

The gorgeous, young actress reveals that Derek has a very positive outlook in life. She added that Derek really changed her life.

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