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Cecilio Lopez

Cecilio Lopez PictureElected as Academician in 1978, Dr. Lopez was named as the Father of the Philippine Linguistics. He is renowned because of his pioneering work in the growth of a Filipino custom in the scientific study of Philippine Language.

A lot of of his works are measured classics such as A Manual to the Philippine National Language, two sequels of a Comparative Philippine World List in 1974 and 1976 and A Handbook of Comparative Austronesian in 1978 and in two parts: the mnemonic, consisting of 109 problems of proto-morphs answered in five Indonesian languages, two Melanesian languages; the heuristic, as well as 24 Philippine languages and 192 proto-Austronesian morphs.

In 1970 Dr. Lopez was honored a plaque and gold medal as Outstanding Alumnus of the University of the Philippines. Dr. Lopez was receiver of a number of honors and awards. He was a John Simon Guggenheim Fellow in Linguistics at Yale University in Michigan.


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