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Castaways Says Goodbye to Gigit
Written by Loren   
Thursday, 09 October 2008

As they made their trip to the Tribal council in the episode of Survivor Philippines, the members of the Jaracay made a last ditch effort for the alliances. They unanimously decided to let go pf web designer, Gigit Sulit, the oldest castaway at 49, 8 to 1.

Before the Tribal Council, Jaracay Tribe was in limbo as to who will they vote out when one of their members John Lopez, an auto mechanic, collapsed due to low potassium level, but was able to return after the hospitalization before 24 hours.

After the members of the tribe talked about whom will they vote out, Paolo Bediones, host of the Survivor Philippines, counted the votes and Gigit became the third person to be voted out from Survivor Philippines.

Gigit was considered as a threat and accused of manipulating his tribe mates to his advantage. But on his exit interview, he said that now that he was out, Jaracay tribe lost its Competitive edge.

After the said elimination, castaways were surprised when Paolo announced that they have to stay longer for a surprised double elimination in one Tribal Council. [via]


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