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Alicia Mayer Bares All
Written by Loren   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Actress, model and cover girl, Alicia Mayer, wearing nothing but clear plastic wrap; stars in a brand new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia-Pacific (PETA).

In the ad, shot by Ace photographer, Raymund Isaac, Alicia appears against the cold steel backdrop of a butcher shop, complete with meat hooks.

Mayer and PETA want Filipinos to know that all animals not just humans- are made of flesh, blood and bone; that humans and other animals have the same senses and range emotions; and that eating meat is eating a corpse. Billions of animals are abused and violently killed to support consumer’s taste for flesh.

To avoid such abuse, Alicia Mayer is challenging and encouraging all Filipinos to give vegetarianism a try. [via]

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