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Scarlet speaks about her Other Love
Written by Loren   
Thursday, 27 November 2008

In the current issue of Metro Active Magazine, Scarlet (Angelica Panganiban) shares what she loves to do off camera. The 22 year-old sexy Banana Split actress talks about the sport that she has been hooked on lately, Ultimate Frisbee. She also said that she did not get into it just because of her boyfriend Derek Ramsey, but she really plays games every weekend and attends weekly practices when her busy work schedule allows her.

Angel really considered herself as a sporty one, even during high school. And she considers this as a happy experience. She thinks about it as a package deal, the people, the sport and the challenge. Every one she wants is there!

Visiting other countries with Derek is also one of her way to discover new things about life. [via]

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