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Philippine Inventors Exhibit their Work
Written by Loren   
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

To boost the country's scientific research and development or R&D, the government features some of the best inventions of Filipino inventors in the country.

With a theme, Making Inventions Work for You, last November 17-21 in the National Inventor's Week, hundreds of the country's brightest minds in one place exhibit their works.

Dr. George Colorado, division manager of DOST’s Invention Development Division, the said exhibit serves as an opportunity for inventors to promote their work.

10 of the 97 Invention in the Exhibit are:

  • Hydroelectric Generator - developed by Malvin D. Duldulao and Glenn Delson Y. Gabriel of Talavera national High School in Nueva Ecija, can use current from rivers, irrigation fileds or any water source to produce electricity
  • Leather from Maya-maya - Mariecar Romero, Chen Ramos and Joemar Salmorin (students from Navotas National High School) created wallets and coin purses that cost P10 to P20 each from maya - maya (pinjalo lewis) and palakol (abalistes stellaris) fish skin.
  • Cassava Starch - Seedling Bag- led by John Paul, 11 students from Polytechnic State University have developed the cassava bioplastic - seedling bag, which can serve as fertilizer.
  • Potato Starch as Alternative Serum  Gel in Glucose Testing - six medical students from Saint Louis University led by Donna Dane Aldana decided to use potato starch as an alternative for serum gel because it has the same properties as the synthetic polymer but is much cheaper.
  • Mini Hydro Turbine Powered by Roof Water - five senior electrical engineering students from Polytechnic State University of the Philippines led by Ma. Cynthia Esquivel harness energy from rain water down the house gutter more commonly known as alulod. The device taps energy in the same manner that a power uses energy from a dam, or a turbine from water falls. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Styropor Recycler the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) can convert shredded plastics and styropors into catwalk  blocks, planks, pots, chairs and tables by heating them with used cooking oil in an oven.
  • Plastic waste Converter - a project by Jayme Navarro. Fuel derived from the converter is 20% cheaper than regular fuels.
  • Multipurpose Wheelchair - developed by Dr. Antonio Mateo, the wheelchair has several features that an ordinary one does not have.
    360 Degree Revolving Fan - a fan that can make turn on its axis developed by Wilfredo Perez.
  • Portable Biodigester - a brainchild of the DOST’s Industrial Technology Development Institute. In this machine one would just have to chop the vegetable trimmings and other foodstuffs from he kitchen to fit into the biodigester’s inlet. Once inside, anaerobic fermentation will take place, producing gas. The machine can also produce sludge that can be used a s soil conditioner.

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