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Pinoy Inventor Wins Rolex Award
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Alexis Belonio, associate professor of Agricultural Engineering at the Central Philippine University in Iloilo City, has received the 2008 Rolex Award for Enterprise for developing a new technology that transforms the waste from rice production into clean, affordable cooking fuel. He was presented with $50, 000 and received a Rolex Award.

In Belonio's design, a stream of oxygen converts the burning rice husk fuel to a combustible blend of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane gases, yielding a hot, blue flame similar to that produced by burning natural gas.

With this innovation, many houses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate toxic fumes. The char left after burning can be recycled to improve farm soils or to form bio-coal briquettes. [via]


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