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Filipino Innovations in Indonesia
Written by Loren   
Friday, 20 March 2009

Alexis Belonio, 49 year old, invented a stove powered by rice husk, whose leftover used as a fertilizer or a raw material for fibber cement boards.

Belonio received the associate laureate citation of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 2008. He is the first Filipino to get the citation from the luxurious wristwatch brand which annually honors outstanding projects for the poor around the world.

Since the need for this kind of technology is urgent in Indonesia, finally, in 2006, he got a proposal from the Indonesian company Mirang Jordanindo Approtech.

The stove employs gasification of rice husks to produce combustible gases which allows easy cooking as if one is using conventional LPG - fuelled stoves. Now, the stove is being sold in Indonesia for 254,000 rupiah (P1,200.00).

This is another that Filipinos despite of economic crisis around the globe are still competitive in terms of different not only for their countrymen but as well for those who are in need outside the country. [via]


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