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Richard Gomez reveals success formula of Family feud
Written by Loren   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Aside from being a great actor, Richard Gomez, surprised the public last year when he was chosen to host the local franchise of the highly-popular US game show, Family Feud. Cynics raised their collective eyebrows questioning Richard's capacity from acting to hosting a game show.

Despite of earning mixed reviews for Goma’s performance, he managed to hold his own in thriving competitive game show genre.

For him, hosting a game show was a dream came true, for the longest time, he’s been telling GMA that's he really wanted to do.

As a host, Goma stressed the importance of adhering to the program’s enduring reputation. He always makes his contestants and guests feel relaxed.

And he noted that this is the formula of one's success!

The program is about to end temporarily to give way for another show, but the network promised to get new seasons for Family Feud. [via]

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