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Iwa Moto to Play as Ghost Once More
Written by Loren   
Thursday, 09 April 2009

After the death of Iwa Moto’s father, the sexy actress is trying to move on with her new work. While she is waiting for her next regular TV assignment, she is happy to announce that she will be part of an independently-produced film called Rock and Roll to be directed by Soxy Topacio.

Iwa said that she is very excited because she will be working with GMA Artist Center, Mark Herras, Yasmien Kurdi, Ranier Castillo, Ryza Cenon and Dominic Roco.

In the movie, she will be playing the role of one of the barkadas. They belong to a rock band and found themselves in a haunted place where they found an Ouija Board. They played and she was the one who was possessed with the spirit. And the adventure in the movie started. [via]

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