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Inspiring Lines from the Mega Star
Written by Loren   
Thursday, 23 July 2009

You want to know the secrets behind the success of the Mega Star’s showbiz career and the good family ties? It’s always a refreshing experience to listen to her with her quotable thoughts.

Check out these ten Mega insights from Sharon Cuneta.

"Never stop giving, and they never stop giving you back..."

The 43-year-old actress attributed her successful career to three things: discipline, dedication, and loving what you do.

Album launches no longer make her nervous, but "I get nervous when I have a movie showing tomorrow..."

The actress is referring to the friendly atmosphere of the launch of her kiddie-songs album under Sony Music Entertainment. She gets nervous when I have a movie showing tomorrow, or album that is released in the outlet on how's is doing, it's like that..."

She decided to record kiddie songs and lullabies partly because "it's a good way of introducing those [children] to their roots."

Can you imagine how many nga naman teach the "Bahay Kubo" in schools now, or "Paru-parong Bukid," di ba? "It's nice to have it finally on record na, you know, for everyone, for the generation to come, [for the] Filipino families abroad... It's a good way of introducing them to their roots, the songs like that."

For her Sharon Cuneta Children's Rhymes and Lullabies album, she consulted the "top experts"—her kids Simone Francesca Emmanuelle, 8, and Mariel Daniella Sophia, 4.

“I actually read to them, sing to them, every single night I'm home with them, and they sing with me, just enjoying..."

"Tong paki tong" is a line that describes her life now.

Out of the 17 tracks in her recently-released album, "Paru-parong Bukid" is her favorite. But when asked which song describes her life, she answered, "Tong paki tong."

She explained, "It's all just happy-go-lucky. Bahala na si Lord. And He's the one who's putting things in their place, di ba? Pati yung mga timing namin, hindi namin plinaplano..."

On a movie with ex-husband Gabby and their daughter, KC: "I'm really more concerned about protecting the feelings and the privacy."

"I'm really more concerned about protecting the feelings and the privacy, and the peace and harmony that's taking place in my house now, my husband's feelings, my children's privacy; their feelings...  don't want to make a spectacle of the whole thing because I know people will.”
"I'm not beyond wearing sexy outfit."

"Parang I would be daring up to a certain point but never beyond something, kunyari, to be ashamed of na. I think to my advantage now, people see after 31 years, talagang ganyan siya...I'm really sweet by nature, e. I'm funny, but I'm also mataray only when I need to stand the ground. As you grow older, you learn to defend yourself."

On trying her hand at comedy: "Wow, what a blessing!"

"I was so concerned because I was working with complete professionals and the best in comedy-from Ai-Ai to the support, parang ang hirap...Even to the director [Wenn Deramas],

"I love him very much, but it's scary..."

She's talking about the vice presidential bid of husband Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan. The decision, she said, came with "lots of prayers."

"Unfortunately, I have to come with him. I love him very much but it's scary. But he's a good person. He's an expert in his field, and devoted."

"I would wish for him to be President. I would not wish for me to become the First Lady."

She clarified, "I would wish for him to become President. I would prefer to be the actress, the singer, the mother, the wife. But you know I go where he goes. But I would like to see all his dreams, his ideas implemented.

With these, there is no doubt why the mega star keeps on shining.

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