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Filipino-American Techies to Aid Filipino Scientists
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009

As the Filipino-American professionals based in Silicon Valley signed a memorandum of agreement with Philippine government officials during the recent visit of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo here, they are committed to help promote science and technology in the Philippines.

Arroyo witnessed the MoA signing between Philippine government officials and the Silicon Valley-based Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), which was represented by its president, Christina R. Laskowski.

The Philippine government was represented by Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Favila, and Science and Technology Secretary Dr. Estrella F. Alabastro.

The agreement underscores the need to monetize technology and encourage cyclical stimulation in promoting sustainability, protection of intellectual property, and investment in patents.

President Arroyo identified the need to institutionalize cooperation between the government and STAC as early as November 2008.

The agreement is intended to facilitate discussion and cooperation on matters related to science and technology education, and research and development that will bridge academe and business. These discussions and cooperation will help promote PhD-level research and innovation in the areas of science and technology.

Founded in 1990, STAC represents a network of over 100 experienced professionals with expertise in important areas of science, technology, industry and finance in the government and private sectors. [via Inquirer.net]


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