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Sen. Roxas Proposed a Law for Local Technologies
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 29 September 2009

To help Philippine made technologies, Sen. Manuel Roxas III is pushing for the creation of a law that would make local technologies become commercial ventures.

The said law is called Philippine Technology Transfer Act of 2009. It said to encourage the transfer, dissemination and commercialization of technology programs that are sponsored by the government.

In addition the said proposal will also establish a Congressional oversight committee composed of 10 representatives from the Senate and House of Representatives, all of whom are already part of science, and information technology committees.

The senator’s proposal aims to make the most of R&D projects by turning them to viable businesses, which could advance the country’s economy.

Research and development facilities in the country will support individuals or groups who want to pursue commercialization of researches. Such support should start from the creation, funding, to management of these projects.

The Department of Science and Technology is also supporting the said proposal for economic progress and for the benefit of the public to survive. [via]


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