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Traditional Farming: Shield to Beat Climate Change
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009

As the issue of climate continues, the country was recently struck by two typhoons known as Ondoy and Pepeng. The two typhoons brought heavy rains in the country and even in other parts of the world.

It flooded large tracts of rice fields in Northern Philippines and destroyed crops ready for harvest. The typhoons in the region brought into sharp relief the issue of climate changes as farmers struggle to cope with changing weather patterns.

In the past, less rainfall can be expected during September and October, but now there are heavy rains and strong winds.

Farmers need the soil to be wet in planting so that when you sow seeds, it will germinate. But as the climate changes, rains are now unpredictable. Droughts and rainy periods seem to be longer and more intense. This unpredictable rainfall disrupt the rice-panting season.

With this issue, Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development realized that to save the rice-planting season, farmers need to go back in traditional farming that could also help them cope on the issue of climate change.

Traditional farming is the use of traditional seed varieties of rice that are more resistant to drought and heavy rains, with stalks still standing after floods.

Some farmers in other Asian countries are now trying to adapt to climate change by taking another look at traditional seed farming practices.

Planting other crops such as tubers are also needed since, they are more resistant to environment changes because the edible portion lies below the surface of the soil.

If farmers will try to go back in a diversified and integrated farming system, it might help them in saving their crops from typhoons like Ondoy and Pepeng. [via ipsnews.net]


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