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RP's Birit Champion and their Hottest Albums
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"Birit" Champions of the Philippines are now joining the race making their bid at the charts.

Some of these Pinoy divas are Jaya, Nina and Sitti and there are still newcomers who are also doing the US bit.

The first Birit Champion is Jay with her her husky, distinctive tones singing well-loved oldies. The Soul Diva did make her mark with originals like Laging Naroon Ka and Dahil Tanging Ikaw, but times have changed. This time the Soul Diva tries to have favorite foreign songs in her style. Jaya’s is a unique one bred in the US and it is always such a treat to hear Real Love Stories is not Jaya’s first cover collection. She did Cool Change two years ago. Like that one, this is also a varied lot with some R&B, some rock and a lot of pop. First single out is the late Kenny Rankin’s Hiding Inside Myself, a very nice choice. Other songs from the album are After All, All Of My Life, Anyone Can See, Breathe Again, Finding Out The Hard Way, I Just Can’t Let Go, I Will Survive, I Won’t Last A Day Without You, Maybe This Time, Real Love, Save The Best For Last and You On My Mind.

Next in line is Nina with her her high notes and leave the vocal calisthenics to the birit champions. The Soul Siren’s latest album includes She’s Out Of My Life, Can’t Find The Words To Say Goodbye, Cold Summer Nights, Home, Is There Something, Will You Wait For Me, I’m Yours, One Last Cry, Why Can’t It Be, Go The Distance, 7 Days, Can You Feel The Love Tonight, Here I Am, Real Thing and Lost Without You. "She's Out Of My Life" is the winner of all the songs having her sweet voice singing sad, broken-hearted songs with simple, pared-down arrangements.

Another Pinoy diva is Sitti. This gorgeous diva is known hereabouts as the main purveyor of the bossa nova. Now she has Your Love Is King, Is This Love, Adia, Chega De Saudade, So Em Teus Bracos, La La Means I Love You, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, No More I Love Yous, Let Me In, Promises/A New Day For You Medley, One On One, Till There Was You and Bossa Nova Baby. Her fun, sensuous vibe does justice to the songs.

There are still newcomers joining the race in showcasing Filipino talents especially in singing. The effect on the listener is stunning. In More and more Filipinos are coming performing their own style by a world-class talent. [via philstar.com]


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