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Rescue Boat Inventor
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009

Filipino inventors of rescue boat barely showed interest in acquiring their work for several reasons.

Mariano Griño, now 62 and one of rescue boat inventors, said that he cannot produce without orders due to lack of enough capital.

Griño is the retired as division chief at the National Economic and Development Authority in Western Visayas. He is a reservist of the Regional Community Defense Center.

Because of his experience he has in producing rubber boats, he built a prototype boat in the backyard of his house in Jaro District in Iloilo City, utilizing imported and locally made materials.

Measuring 14 feet long, six feet wide and three feet high, the boat is made from lightweight polystyrene (styrofoam) insulated in marine epoxy composite. Its frame is made of plywood and its skid plate has aluminum to protect it from hard and pointed objects when it maneuvers on submerged rooftops or fences.

The boat can float in seven to eight inches of water and can accommodate 12 people. It will stay afloat even if the body is punctured by sharp objects, such as broken glass, and can be repaired in a few hours.

Griño’s boat, which includes a 40-horsepower engine, costs around P600,000, relatively cheaper than most inflatable rubber boats.

It is also provided with a trailer for easy transport to disaster areas, and equipped with four paddles, a grappling hook or anchor to maintain stability while picking up victims, and a lifesaver.

Despite the absence of orders for his unsinkable boat, Griño has not stopped working on innovations that could help save lives during disasters.

He has designed an unsinkable life vest made of styrofoam and ballistic nylon, which costs around P350 or cheaper than commercially sold life jackets.

With Grñio' invention, many had can now be rescued in submerged streets and houses in some parts of the country which is being devastated by different calamities such as typhoons. [via inquirer.net]


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