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Fishball Vendor, Boomed as a Farmer
Written by Cherry   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Desiree Duran, a former fishball vendor, now earned big in farming. In 2002, Daisy attended the farmers' training under the Unlad Buhay sa Nayon’ program of the Bulacan Agricultural State College, provincial government of Bulacan, and the municipal government of San Ildefonso.
She started planting off-season vegetables then. She planted spliced tomato in a 1,000 square-meter plot and she earned P70,000. In 2003, with the assistance of the Agriculture department, East-West Seed Company and local agricultural offices, she developed seedlings to sell it to other vegetable growers in the area. Duran got connected with the Agriculture department’s direct market linkage program. This allows them to sell their products at bagsakan centers and food terminals without a middleman, so this helps them increased their profits. Afterwards, she converted a one-hectare, family owned rain-fed rice land into a haven of vegetables which include eggplant, bitter melon, white squash, sponge guord, hot and sweet pepper, cucumber, and tomato. With these, she inter-cropped Sinta papaya. From her earnings, she bought land, truck, and owner-type jeep, motorcycle, and a 4x4 pick-up truck. Because of Duran's efforts, she also helped her town mates to embrace vegetables. The quiet and old-fashioned community of San Ildefonso, Bulacan is now called The vegetable basket of the municipality. [via gmanews.tv]


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