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Mercedes Barredo Concepcion
Written by Remon   
Friday, 12 March 2010

Concepcion was known for her careful investigation on population composition and general directions and their displays of connection on social and economic development, the gradual increase of urbanization, the position in life of the elderly, and of employment that came to be the foundations for population courses of action at home and in foreign country.

Mercedes Concepcion served as leader of the foundation of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, which was serving as something that helped in the passage of the Population Act of 1971 that gave something that was needed for a national population policy and family planning program.

She was a member of the Pontifical Commission on Birth Control, which led to the announcement as dogma of the Papal Encyclical "human Vitae" in 1968. For 9 years, she chaired the United Nations Population Commission and for 6 years, the World Health Organization Steering Committee on Social and Psychological Determinants of Fertility.


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