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Anne Curtis Magazine Covers
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 15 July 2010

Anne Curtis Metro Magazine CoverYou will see Anne Curtis in the cover of the June issue of Metro Magazine. In that issue, Anne will let the readers know how she lives her life like other typical girls. Her life as a celebrity is can be the same with the life of ordinary people. She can hang out with her rich and famous friends in clubs. Her life had changed when she became 25. She does not go partying with her friends anymore because of her busy schedule in her daily show Showtime.

But because of the advancement in our technology, the Showtime host discovered ways to avoid boredom during her idle time on the set. Using her iPad, she downloaded fun games and she became addicted to online games like Where's Wally, FarmVille, and Plants vs Zombies (the last of which she finished in just two days). She is also fond of reading books during down times. When she experienced the wardrobe malfunction few months ago, she felt really ashamed and sad.

Her father James Curtis Smith (her Book of Wisdom) advised her to let the scandal have a natural death. Court hearings will only lengthen her suffering. Anne is now back on her feet again as she focus on her craft. [via abs-cbn.com]


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