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A New Filipino National Scientist
Written by Cherry   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The highest national recognition bestowed to Filipino scientists is the National Scientist Award which started since 1976. The President is the one who gives this type of award yearly. The prestigious award gives the awardee the reserved status like heroes. The awardee will receive benefits like financial gratuity, medical, hospitalization benefits, a place of honor at all state functions, and state funeral.

To be recognized as a national scientist, an individual must have a doctor's degree in any field of the sciences. He must earned merit in independent research of momentous and innovative achievement in the field of sciences (like basic and applied). These instances are agricultural engineering, medical sciences, mathematics, and the social sciences as manifested by works in recognized scientific and technical journals.  The well known national scientists are Juan Salcedo Jr. and Fe del Mundo (both Medical Doctors), kinetic scientist Gregorio Zara, Gregorio and Carmen Velasquez the husband and wife, botanist and zoologist, historians Teodoro Agoncillo, Encarnacion Alzona, and Onofre D. Corpuz; psychologist Alfredo Lagmay; agricultural scientists Dioscoro Umali and Ricardo Lantican; rural sociologist Gelia Castillo; demographer Mercedes Concepcion, and Perla Dizon Santos-Ocampo.

Last June 24, 2010, Dr. Perla Santos-Ocampo’s Proclamation 2099 paved her rank, title, and outstanding contribution as scientist in the field of pediatrics, as medical educator, leader and mentor, institution-builder, and advocate for better health of the Filipino people, particularly, the children. Her extensive contributions focused on diarrheal disease which developed the super oral rehydration solution and presented the beginning for diarrhea-related policies implementation of Department of Health. The 2nd research entitled "Malnutrition Effects on the Growth and Development of Children" resulted to the rational management of nutritional problems among Filipino children. Dr. Santos-Ocampo's researches were already published in over 100 articles in peer-reviewed local and international publication. She became Chancellor of University of the Philippines, Diliman, she started to develop academic programs to improve the excellence and quantity of medical experts, trainors and child care specialists. The researches led to the establishment of National Institutes of Health, the National Graduate School of the Health Sciences, and the National Telehealth Center.

Dr. Santos-Ocampo's is a heir of different local and international awards. She became president of some international pediatric and medical societies. Her substantial contributions narrow the gaps in child development and nutrition. [via up.edu.ph]


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