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DOST and IPO to Assist Ilonggo Inventors
Written by Loren   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010

To help with technical assistance, funding for their inventions and registration and processing of their patents, Department of Science and Technology-Region 6 (DOST) and Intellectual Property Office (IPO) are urging Ilonggo inventors to register their work since many of them are waiting to be exposed.

According to Director Rowen Gelonga of DOST-Region 6, inventors from the region just need to be convinced and get registered so the government can take census of the actual number of inventors, scientists and discoveries and new innovations in various fields.

And with this, the government can easily help them in many ways for their contribution to technology.

In addition, Director General Ricardo Blancaflor of IPO said that inventions, researches and other original works should be patented and copyrighted to defend them from infringement, and from being stolen by others

If inventions will be known and will be available in the market, with its patent and copyright, this could help the local economy as well as the inventor himself.

And to start helping the inventors in the region, IPO will open a field office in Iloilo City before the year ends to let inventors file for the patent and copyrights faster and easier through the filed office. [via thenewstoday.info]


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