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Filipino Biological Clock
Written by Loren   
Friday, 17 September 2010

Under the Department of Science and Technology's Balik Scientist Program, Dr. Eduardo Mendoza, a visiting scientist, said that work schedule and human circadian (biological) clock are related with health risks.

Dr. Mendoza is a Senior Research Scientist of the Systems Biology Group of the Physics Department and Center of NanoScience. He has helped University of the Philippines researchers in drafting project proposals for collaboration with Ludwig Maximilian University, which pioneered studies in human circadian clock and shift work in various countries and settings.

In a study leaded by Mendoza, it shows that shift work is associated with health risks, so a human circadian clock must complement with a person’s work schedule.

Mendoza, with his research team, focuses in determining the Filipinos' circadian clock in an entirely different work environment from those studied elsewhere.

According to Mendoza, understanding the circadian clock is particularly important in these industrialized and information-driven times.

In cases of call center employees in the country, since some of the clients' time are 8-12 hours behind the Philippine's standard time, they work on a shift adjusted to offshore client's time zone. This shows that employees work at night and catch up on sleep at day.

With this kind of set up, employees' circadian clock may be disrupted that makes them exposed to certain diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal diseases.

And to further study the Filipino's circadian clock, Dr. Mendoza is still on their research team with his colleagues in a interdisciplinary group called PhilSHIFT. [via pia.gov.ph]


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