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Packaging of Tropical Wines And Distilled Spirits
Written by Loren   
Sunday, 12 December 2010

To ensure safety of process and quality of product, addition of flavors and essences, and the core group approach in development of brand, Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) in Quezon, in cooperation with the Department of Trade Industry (DTI) IV-CITEM and DOST-ItDI, kicked off standardization of process and packaging of pure lambanog.

The DOST Grants-In-Aid, PSTC-Quezon, LGU of Tayabas and DOST-ITDI invested to fund distilleries in the province to work at the addition of the following flavors namely, cinnamon, blueberry, grape, melon, coffee, pandan and peach.

Lambanog-based tropical fruit wine, which tradionally uses real fruits, market a new product by using other flavor and essences to penetrate foreign market.

In addition to this, three years ago, DOST Secretary Dr. Estrella F. Alabastro launched High Impact Program (HIP) on Tropical Fruit Wines and Distilled Spirits at the Hotel Supreme in Baguio City. Wine fora and exhibitions in Southern Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanaowere also followed.

New label designs and pacakaing materials for flavored lambanog were used by the different distilleries which provided their customers wider choices, augmented production and improved sales by 10 percent.

With this standardization, manufacturers increased sales that will also possibly help increase the income of their ordinary employees. [via pia.gov.ph]


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