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Electric Car Inventor
Written by Cherry   
Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ismael Aviso a.k.a. "Ka Maeng", a 54 year old Filipino electric car inventor. He used to spend his Christmas wiggling his thumbs inside his home in Navotas City. A month ago he had completed his invention to produce crude that will run his vehicle. Seven years had passed. Aviso has the ability to create a car engine that runs through electricity and not petroleum. But it seems that there is no support coming from the government. Aviso already sent an email to the DoE (Department of Energy). The government told him that Secretary (Jose Rene) Almendras is out of the country. His invention concerns the DoE, the govt. agency must be the one to help him push with it. Aviso's email stated that electric car (eCar) technology is a big technological expansion over the existing eCar out in the market now, particularly with the recently-launched Nissan Leaf.

The E-car developed by Aviso uses several capacitors, a direct current (DC) motor and his principle of vastly improving battery efficiency. It doubles the distance traveled by the Nissan Leaf (on a 1,000-watt battery) and is 70 percent cheaper when it comes to conversion kits. With the permit of the government, Aviso needs to demonstrate his car to become game changer. A verified and credible testing analysis is a necessity. With this, the inventor will be given access to loans and grants for his mass production kits that will benefit the Filipinos. [via mb.com.ph]


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