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Telemedicine Now in RP
Written by Loren   
Thursday, 10 February 2011

Doctors in the Philippines can now diagnose and recommend immediate treatment and medication to patients in distant areas in the country through Telemedicine.

Managed by ASTI-DOST (Advanced Science and Technology Institute- Department of Science and Technology) and made possible via a multi-platform electronic technology that functions through a government broadband called Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET), this technology can make the doctors access and transmit medical data, still images, and live audio and video transmissions that involves a patient. This is a health care option that bridges the doctor-patient geographical separation common in the Philippines, an archipelagic country.

According to Dennis F. Villorente, ASTI Director, doctors can now make assessment and advice on a patient’s situation faster through telemedicine, since doctors could truly attend to the medical history and current condition straight from the patient.

With this, patients can save money for travel and for nursing homes while having this advanced medication. [via mb.com.ph]


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