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Filipino Invention to be the Next Big Thing in Green Technology
Written by Loren   
Sunday, 20 February 2011

Filipino inventor, Ismael Aviso of Navotas City, 54, is said to be the next big thing in green technology through his electric vehicle prototype.

Aviso started to be in the line after his appearance over the internet and on the pages in a website known as Pure Energy Systems Wiki (PESWiki).

According to Sterling Allan in Aviso's PESWiki page, in typical electric vehicles, it is usually operated through the help of a trunk full of batteries. But this, with Aviso's invention, one need only a one 12-volt battery, because his vehicle is not running from the storage capacity of the battery, but the battery is merely serving as the delivery point for the energy that is being harvested from unseen energy all around us through his special circuitry.

Since November, when Aviso was still improving on his design, petroleum prices have climbed by R4 to R5 a liter, depending on fuel product.

And at present, the government shows interest on Aviso's invention. The Department of Energy (DoE) and Department of Science and Technology (DoST) consider his fuel-less car invention, which, when repackaged into a conversion kit, can turn petroleum-guzzling vehicles into electric ones.

A possible road tests is set to be conducted by DOST and be observed by DoE’s Alternative Fuels and Energy Technology Division.

Aviso is very positive that the government will help him in any way to improve his invention so he could share this to his fellowmen.  [via mb.com.ph]


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