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Aviso Energy features Filipino inventions
Written by Cherry   
Friday, 18 November 2011

Ismael Aviso, a Filipino inventor and alternative energy visionary is now preparing for the presentation of his invention in the United States in December 2011. According to Ismael Aviso, 54 years old, an entrepreneur and resident of Navotas City, his American business partners are bringing him over to the United States in early December to demonstrate his "power-multiplying electronics technologies” before potential investors. In an article posted by Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network Inc., one of Aviso’s followers, Aviso's will participate in a week-long conference at the research and development (R&D)-centric area at Silicon Valley in Northern California. The conference will happen on December 2 and 8 although no venue was provided.

Aviso stated that Alec Sherman, an American citizen will assist him by shouldering his plane fare and accommodation which includes the ticket, hotel, conference paraphernalia and everything. Aviso and Sherman established a company named Aviso Energy, Inc., a California-based alternative energy company. It was launched by the partnership of Aviso and Tech Cache, Ltd. in July 2011.

  "Our purpose is to introduce Ismael and our technologies to the world," Sherman said in a statement on the upcoming conference. "That won't be achieved with a secret meeting in a closed laboratory with a hand-picked audience."

The company's product will be presented to the scientific community and to the public thru live streaming at AVISOenergy.com. Professor Miguel Scoto of the University of the Philippines, American Electronics Engineer Nils Rognerud and German Electronic Engineer and Hybrid car specialist: Electronics engineer Roland Hammer are the resource speakers of the said seminar. Aviso became popular in his online free energy circles for inventions such as his fuel-less, self-charging electric car; solid-state Motionless Electric Generator (MEG) and his repelling force. [via mb.com.ph]


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