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Pinoy's E-car in Europe and US
Written by Cherry   
Sunday, 04 December 2011

Ismael Aviso, 54, a resident of Navotas City, is a Filipino inventor and another energy visionary. He is looking forward for a prospective fruitful trip to Europe in preparation for the presentation of his inventions to technological experts and investors in US next month. For the past year, Aviso has made online free energy circle buzzing with excitement over prospects of his creations such as his fuel-less, self-charging electrical car and power generator.

Avisio's visa has been processed and he left Europe last November 16. A Croatian businessman, Stanislav Magic, will sponsor his European trip. I'll be meeting with a well-known E-car (electric car) manufacturer in Bulgaria, as well as with potential investors for E-car, power generation-repelling force and healthy water production, the Filipino said. Aviso is looking forward to the scenario of visiting the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia. The generosity of another foreigner, American citizen Alec Sherman had helped Aviso in visiting US last Nov. 27. In fact, Aviso and Sherman had formed Aviso Energy, Inc., a California-based alternative energy company last July.

According to Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network Inc., one of Aviso’s followers, Filipino would be taking part in a "conference" at the R&D (research and development)-centric area of Silicon Valley in Northern California from Dec. 2 and 8.


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