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Storyteller-singer: Johnoy Danao
Written by Cherry   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011

The voice of Johnoy Danao is echoing as he keeps his title as the best-kept secret of Philippine music. His voice is cool, raw and brutally, breathlessly graceful in its classification of situational context. He is one of the storyteller-singers. He enjoyed the story like what he did in the love songs Alinlangan and Pagbigyan.

With his Guild acoustic guitar, Danao combined his street ideas with his music rendition a performer and as a songwriter. With the release of his debut album Dapithapon (Wombworks), Danao became a musician whose songs are appreciated by acoustic music lovers. In 2000, he is the leader of an alternative band Bridge that played complex adult contemporary and old school blues. When their group disbanded, Danao performed as a solo artist and his covers have gone wildly viral in the Internet. His interpretation of blues heavy songs are being loved by his fans like his versions of songs by Adele, Dido, U2, Coldplay, Radiohead, and my favorite pick (mostly for nostalgic reasons) The Dave Matthews Band. Music is my life, Danao has said in previous interviews. I'm not here for the bright lights or the fame. Dapithapon has 12 tracks that wander and explore the sights along life’s journey. The happy tunes (like Pare Mare) focus on the cliff of a blues man enjoying himself then all the while knowing it resulted from the storm’s interval. The love songs Alinlangan and Pagbigyan have inspired life's story. The latter is a rollicking tune about giving in while the former has the feel of Damien Rice having one drink too many with Connor Oberst, on the topic of lovers and their inclination to war.

The following are the guest musicians on Danao's recent album: Louie Talan (Razorback), Wendell Garcia (Pupil), and Boy Garovillo (Kalayo). Pinikpikan and Spy head lead axeman Sammy Asuncion wrote and co-wrote some of the songs while also lending his guitar chops. The song Aking Giliw features Aia de Leon of Imago as back-up vocalist, but the best ones are the songs that grow most contemplatively like the brilliant duet of One Day and the solemn song Tara na Bayan. Danao’s favorite track is the epic and grand Tumulay, with its planetary lead guitar matching his vocals as he sings about hope. The post-tragedy: Pagkatapos ng unos may nalilikha. Is about a dormer who got inspired to make music his profession by listening to Eraserheads' Ultraelectromagneticpop! [via gmanews.tv]


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