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The Invention of Ben Cruz
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 05 April 2012

Benjamin Cruz is a well-known inventor from Bulacan. Last January 29, he sent a letter which indicates proposals regarding his inventions to the Presidential Action Center. One of his recent inventions is a kind of pill called Golden Heart. The pill will help a person reduce his cholesterol level and to prevent vascular obstruction, a disease that kills many people worldwide. It is also tested to prevent blocks in the arteries of the heart, gall stones, kidney stones, cerebral stroke, by-pass surgery, dialysis, erectile dysfunction and acne.

Cruz' is requesting for financial assistance from President Noy. He wanted to improve his efforts by setting new laboratory and research facilities. Cruz had sent a letter to PNoy last April 5, 2011. From then, an investor from UN named Mr. Nakamura offered $100 million investment. Mr. Nakamura’s representative, Mely Dedumo talked to him and told him to submit a project proposal for the million dollar investment. A year had passed since then, but the investor was not able to provide the financial assistance needed by Cruz.

Ben also invented "Pinawa", the food for the brain which is made up of unpolished rice. Pinawa is rich in B-complex vitamins that help the humans to remove excess fats from oily foods. Also, Ben had introduced "Ben Cruz Hair Grower" in various fragrances. This became popular because it is being used in barbershops since 1970. [via mb.com.ph]


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