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Marcus Adoro's Greems
Written by Cherry   
Sunday, 08 April 2012

Do you still remember Marcus Adoro?  He is a good friend of Ely Buendia and a former guitarist of E-heads. Now, he is back with his book, Greems. In spite of  Eheads'  disband,  Adoro silently continued his music playing underground songs. Though press people have eyed him as a good surfer in La Union, still he lived differently with his Marcus Highway combo compared to the success of Raimund Marasigan with Sandwich, Ely Buendia with Pupil and Buddy Zabala with the Dawn. His Greems book contains 100 pieces of 'greems’ with illustrations.  The title of the book came out during his online chat with a friend. He incorrectly typed in the word greams then it was changed to greems as advised by his friends. When you purchase the book, there is no CDs or DVDs along with it, the 100 musical pieces can be downloaded freely at soundcloud.com. Music enthusiasts may listen to each song in 57 seconds. [via ph.omg.yahoo.com]


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