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NCRP cited Pinoy Scientists
Written by Cherry   
Thursday, 12 April 2012

During the 79th General Membership Assembly, the National Research Council of the Philippines (NCRP) recognized 9 Filipino scientists with their national and international science contributions in the country. The following Pinoy scientists were cited in the event:

Dr. Vicenta Macuja-Cervera, a member of the Philippine Team of the 2006 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), contributed her expertise in the field of psychology, guidance and counseling, and others. She was a productive author and a well-known editor of journals and books which contain psychological tests which are being used in qualifying exams.

Dr. Macrina Tamayo-Zafaralla, underwrote her proficiency in the field of science and technology. She gives importance to the benefits of S and T in our lives. According to her, Filipinos should be aware that there is an abundant fish supply if they only maintain the cleanliness of seawaters. This will help the country to avoid poverty and starvation.

Dr. Ernesto M. Pernia focuses on the effect of population in the economy, economic development, health and nutrition and the bottom line of raising children. He also conducted a study which analysed the economic situation and small industry promotion.

Dr. Roland V. Sarmago was known for his research efforts in the field of superconductivity, a phenomenon observed in several metals and ceramic materials. He made a study on the international scientific community and its applications.

Dr. Alicia M. Aguinaldo became famous for her Chemistry expertise in natural products. She also served as a mentor, school administrator and an active member of numerous professional organizations.

Dr. Erlinda Kintanar-Alburo is an expert of cultural research, in detail, Philippine literature and language and folklore and history. The output of her study in Cebu had motivated others to carry out related studies. Some schools are using her edited books as instructional materials.

Dr. Edanjarlo J. Marquez succeeded in the area of micropaleontology. His researches were published locally and abroad. He gives importance to environmental awareness in the Philippines.

Dr. Remigio M. Olveda had investigated two prestigious grants such as research on schistosomiasis from the World Health Organization/TDR-Rockefeller Foundation North-South and the Tropical Medicine Research Centre grant from the US National Institute of Health on schistosomiasis, malaria, and leprosy.

Dr. Joseph S. Masangkay has the expertise in the field of veterinary medicine, especially on animal heredities and nature animal pathology in the Philippines. His study has delivered valued information on the protection like saving and proper use of animals in biochemical inquiries.

[via gmanetwork.com]


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