Emil Javier

Emil Javier is a famous scientist with his capacity to envision and put into action practical approaches to the troubles that tropical agriculture face in a developing country. He is alert of the small farmer’s inadequate income; he has always directed his studies toward develop useful methods of better crop production, using inexpensive, indigenous inputs. Based on his research of introducing legume into local Imperatapastures with minimum or no tillage. In 1972, a national pasture expansion program was launched, premised on the minimum or no tillage firm of adapted legumes on native pastures with appliance of phosphorus.

He was a receiver of SEARCA Professional Chair in forage and pasture technology in 1974 to 1975, Ten Outstanding Young Men (TONYM) award in Agriculture in 1975, Rizal Pro Patria award in agriculture in 1975, and the UP Alumni Association Professional Achievement award in agriculture in 1980.

Dr. Javier was born on September 11, 1940.

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