Ely Buendia

Ely Buendia of Eraserheads strikes the heart of E-heads’ fans in 1990s. He is Eleandre Basino Buendia who was born on November 2, 1970. Ely was the guitarist and lead vocalist of the famous Pinoy rock band, Eraserheads. He wrote most of their songs. When eheads disbanded in 2002, he formed another band, The Mongols. It is an diverse rock band consists of guitarist J. Astro or Jerome Velasco of Teeth, bassist Yan Yuzon, drummer Bogs Boga Man Jugo and Ely Buendia, a.k.a Jesus Dizzy Ventura. The group released their album Buddha’s Pest with 13 tracks, the song Bulakbol became a smash. In 2005, the band Mongols was renamed to Pupil. The new members are Ely Buendia (guitars/vocals), Yan Yuzon (guitars/vocals), Dok Sergio (bass/vocals) and Bogs Jugo (drums) with manager Diane Ventura, Ely’s wife. Ely contributed ten songs to Pupil namely Wanted: Bedspacer. And it includes songs Wanted Bedspacer, Monday Mundane, Kakaiba, Santo, Over 18, Tapos Na, Acid Tongue, Oras, Shallow Breathing, and Hotchik.

Pupil’s second album was Beautiful Machines under Sony BMG. Nasaan Ka? was the first single. The songs in the album are Different Worlds, Blow Your House Down, Nasaan Ka?, She Talks To Trees, False Alarm, Gamu-Gamo, Mary, Hypersober, Dulo ng Dila, Beautiful Machines, All This Time, Dianetic, Kalawakan, and Lost Guide.

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