Amador Muriel

Dr. Amador Muriel was recognised because of his important works and marvellous contributions to the field of theoretical physics, in particular, his advancement of theoretical apparatus to clarify turbulence. His new kinetic equation is valuable for discovering essential problems of non- equilibrium statistical procedure.

Dr. Muriel discovered the accurate and estimated solutions for the performance of a two-level system, which were considered by his peers as a revolutionary contribution to a quantum Turing machine, now a rising field in quantum computing. Also, in his studies on stellar dynamics, he has recognized realistically that self-gravitation alone is adequate to create a hierarchy of structures in one dimension.

He has unselfishly used up his own time and wealth in training many undergraduate and graduate students and researches at numerous universities in the country. Dr. Muriel has also extensively contributed to the progress of theoretical physics in the country.

Dr. Muriel was born on November 24, 1939 and elected Academician in year 2003.

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