Melecio Magno

Dr. Melecio Magno was born on May 24, 1920.

Dr. Magno has researched on the assimilation and fluorescence spectroscopy of crystals, particularly rare-earth crystals; effects of typhoons on the allotment of gravitation; and the idea of science. He also a co-author of a Textbook in physics at the University of the Philippines named University Physics.

He was a receiver of UNDP-WMO Fellowship in environmental physics and ozone study in 1974 and UP Endowment Professorial Chair possessor in physics from 1973-1976. He also becomes Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the UP in 1975. Dr. Magno was also appointed Chairman of the National Science Development Board (NSDB) in 1976, and he became the first minister of Science in 1978 when the NSDB became a ministry.

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