Emerita de Guzman

Dr. Emerita de Guzman elected as Academician in 1980 gave an excellent contribution in her series of job on the enlargement and progress in vitro of the makapuno coconut embryo. As an outcome of this, she has transformed the old ratio of the makapuno-bearing nuts in the tropics. Dr. de Guzman produced 100 percent all makapuno-bearing in the raceme on which before produce only 3-5 makapuno nuts in every raceme bearing 14-19 nuts.

She attained several academic degrees like BS (Botany) at University of the Philippines in 1953; MS (Plant Physiology) at Cornell University in 1956 and Ph. D. (Plant Physiology) also at Cornell University in1961.

For all her valuable studies, Dr. de Guzman received acknowledgment to name: SEARCA professional Chair in Plant Physiology in 1974-1976; Rizal Pro Patria award in 1976; Outstanding Scientist Award of the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Science in 1976 and Professional Award for agriculture of the UP Alumni Association in 1977.

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