Juan Salcedo, Jr.

Dr. Juan Salcedo contributed immeasurably to the areas of biochemistry, nutrition, and physiology as a scientist. He has published 265 works and studies in the Philippine and foreign science journals. And as science administrator, he helps execute science policy improvement, science endorsement and scientific manpower improvement.

Through the time of Pres. Quirino, Dr. Salcedo served as Secretary of Health. He served as Chairman of the National Science Development Board (NSDB) (1963-1970) and Chairman of the National Research Council of the Philippines (1961-1976).

He is a receiver of several honors including the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public health nutritionist in 1957; Republic Cultural Heritage award in science, 1966; and the Presidential Pro Patria award, 1969.

Dr. Salcedo was elected as Academician in 1978 and conferred as National Scientist in the same year.

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