Magdalena Cantoria

With pharmacy and botany as backdrop, Dr. Cantoria was born on October 25, 1924. She has made basic researches on the pharmacognosy of agaar, rauwolfia, datura, mint and Piper Species. Her researches deal mainly on the morphology, physiology and biochemistry of drug plants.

Her document on the Morphology and Anatomy Rauvofia vomitoria Afz., Dr. Cantoria received the Edwin Leigh Newcomb Award pharmacognosy presented by the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education in 1954. And in 1962, with Edward S. Mika, she was also awarded on the growth and development of Datura starmonium L.

Dr. Cantoria is also a receiver of Phi Sigma Awards for noticeable merit in biology in 1951 and Most Outstanding Phi Sigman in 1977.

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